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CAEPOCOM Africa addresses national, regional and continental requirements for awareness and comprehension of how values can be built into day-to-day lives in Africa as well as how to interpret, challenge and maintain democratic power relations amidst ever evolving structures which continually mold and modify Africa’s political, economic, technological and cultural spaces.
Using diverse methodologies to a wide range of problems including; healthcare practices, business and professional procedures, new technologies, environmental and gender issues, the center employs research, outreach, networking and partnership with allied local and international bodies to achieve behavioral change and responsible citizen participation in development.


Our Mission

CAEPOCOM Africa’s mission is to advance research, teaching and practice of applied ethics, and political Communication by conducting world-class researches, initiating programs and executing projects that will address both current and future challenges and improve the social, political and intellectual landscapes of Africa.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be both a continental force and an international role model in generating and disseminating key resources to enhance ethical behavior, promote enlightened analysis, interpretation and participation in socio-political engagements from a multi-disciplinary standpoint for all-round development in Africa.
We harness efforts of scholars and practitioners in fields of Applied Ethics and Political Communication in Africa to raise a new generation of citizens who will be committed to the achievement of continental objectives for positive transformation, to influence policies of states and foster continental integration.


Focus Areas

  • Applied Ethics

  • (Environmental, Biomedical, Legal, Business, Leadership Ethics, Character Education etc.)

  • Gender & Sustainable Development

  • (Masculinities & Women’s Issues)

  • Media Literacy

  • Political Communication and Good Governance


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    Sharon Adetutu Omotoso

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    CAEPOCOM AFRICA is a resource for the African communities on the continent and in Diaspora, offering expertise, analysis, and commentary about ethics and political communication issues.